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Off grid living – Tailored solutions

off grid living at Sparrow Farms


Ten years ago,  few people thought about the grid and even less thought about ‘living off grid’.

Those good old days are over. Our globalized economy, changing environment and unstable political and economic systems make it more important than ever to understand what the grid is and how to become less reliant on it.

At Sparrow Farms, we know about living off the grid first-hand. We’ve been doing it here in central Texas since 2013 and we have the knowledge and experience to help you get off the grid and achieve the independence and peace that comes with living a self-sufficient, sustainable lifestyle.

So let’s start with the basics.

What is living off the grid?

Essentially, the grid means the centralized utilities services: electricity, water, and gas for most homes.

Up until around 2008 or so, the ‘grid’ was something that nobody thought about, most of us took it for granted. The fact that our world economy teetered on the brink of collapse that year and that many people found themselves ejected from their homes seems to be the factor that woke some people up and started to realize that they were entirely dependent on the grid.

That sparked a new question:

Why get off the grid?

The scary truth is that one day the fragile, interdependent systems of the economy and the energy market may auto destruct and lead to a collapse of the electric, gas and water treatment systems.

Without those things, other systems would break down quickly including the transportation and availability of food and other goods and services.

Ask anyone who has been forced to ride out a hurricane or a major white-out storm for more than just a few days, and they will tell you that survival without electricity, petrol and running water is something that is hard to bear unless you’re very well prepared.

That’s the first problem you’ll need to overcome. The reliability of the grid as we know it makes it that much more difficult to imagine that one day it might fail.

So just get your head around it: the grid is fallible. It could go down..and it probably will.

So that brings us to third question:

How can you get off the grid?

First, let’s be honest. It is rather difficult to get off the grid. Our own experiences at Sparrow Farms have proven to us that it is no small feat to get off the grid, even when you have a solar energy expert on hand and all the good intentions in the world.

So dn’t be fooled by those Pinterest posts with easy, breezy headlines like “Ten steps to quit your job and get off the grid and start living the life you love”. Those ten steps take ten years!

Or at least if you don’t have some very experienced, resourceful people guiding you and helping you to learn the ropes.

That’s where Sparrow Farms comes in handy. There are three main challenges to getting off the grid and we will solve them with you, one sparrow-step at a time.

Solar power solutions that suit your need and your budget


Solar energy is an amazing resource, and solar panels have come a long way, but its not all that easy to get started if you don’t know what you’re doing. Solar energy is easy to store and use when it’s sunny…not so easy when it’s not.When we first started living off the grid, we ‘went dark’ many times (that means we ran out of juice in the middle of the night) and it was not pleasant waking up to cold showers.  Fortunately for you, we can help you avoid the same fate. We can help you get off the grid quickly and efficiently by setting up your solar energy system with the right ratio of panels to batteries, to converters, etc.  Our expertise will save you money and time because we now know better than anybody how to measure and plan for energetic needs and resources, and set up a system that will not fail you come hell…or cloudy weather!

Securing your rarest resource off the grid: water.

rainwater pond

Again, this is an area that most people underestimate as the average American family of four uses 400 gallons of water per day. That’s a ton of water if you’re living off the grid and so securing a good source of water is essential to any off-the-grid living plan. There are many options, well water being the most accessible for most people.

This resource merits a lot of planning, so let’s just say that water is probably one of the most important things to consider when picking a spot to live off the grid.

All sources of water are good: well water, rain water cisterns, streams and springs, ponds to collect rain-water, and some people even get water off site.

We have experience in testing land for wells, drilling them and getting them flowing. We also can set up rain water collection systems and septic tanks to get you completely independent of city water and waste water systems.

Let us help you start your off grid living!

At Sparrow Farms, we have all sorts of experience in living off the grid, and we’ll be happy to share it with you.

Solar Power: We give tours of our solar powered facilities and we are available to estimate, construct and install solar powered electrical solutions for your home.

Choosing Property & Water Resources: We chose our spot with care and we know how to do research and drilling for water wells and to build and connect rain-water systems.

Off-Grid Homes: We have more than 30 years of experience in building custom homes and we are putting this expertise to use building off-grid custom homes.

Contact us to discuss your plans for getting off the grid. We are based in De Leon, but mobile in the Dallas-Ft. Worth region and we’ll be happy to have you over to make plans or to come and visit your site.