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YWAM Aquaponics Colorado Springs, CO

Aquaponics Greenhouse Project in Colorado


We worked on the design and building of an aquaponics greenhouse for the group Youth With a Mission (YWAM) in Colorado Springs, CO. This non-profit Christian organization was eager to start a pilot greenhouse to prove the effectiveness of aquaponics and develop a model forsustainable food production solutions for exportation to other parts of the world where communities need them.



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  1. Julien,
    Looks nice.
    Some minor changes are needed. The YWAM – Emerge at left is actually the YWAM in Colorado Springs.

    YWAM-EMERGE is in the Black Forest greenhouse project. two (2) pictures are mixed into “The Abbey” excavation photos… the one that looks like a sand pit (1st photo) and the one with Jimmy Bozman.

    The word “excavation” on the “The Abbey” can be dropped. Can we group these photos as “excavation”, and then next group will be “foundation” phase?

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