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  • Our sustainable living solutions are custom-made in Texas.

  • Get off the grid, one sparrow-sized step at a time.

Sparrow Farms – Aquaponics & Solar Energy Systems for Off-Grid Living

We help families and communities build sustainable food and energy systems, one sparrow-sized step at a time.

Sparrow Farms offers services for the design and construction of aquaponics systems and solar energy for off-the-grid homes in Texas. We are seeking partners and investors to develop our facilities and network in central Texas. Join us in our mission to make sustainable food production and renewable resources available to families, communities and countries locally, and around the world.


Learn how Aquaponics systems can produce organic produce and fish in totally self-contained greenhouse environment.

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We are currently working on several worldwide aquaponics projects and establishing our main operational center in Texas.

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Sparrow Farms needs your help! Find out how you can contribute with your time, talents and donations.

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