Aquaponics & Solar Systems Central Texas


Our work to bring beauty to your land brings us great joy and we hope it will be the backdrop for many memories in the years to come.

Greenhouse and Solar Projects

There is power in letting the sun work for you. Let us help you capture that power in ways you only have dreamed of.

Kitchen Remodeling

In years past the Kitchen was the heart of the home. We here at Sperrow Farms have the ability to take your vision for a dream kitchen and 'transplant' it into reality.

Environmental Drainage and Irrigation

Weather and time have a way with taking from your land. Let us put in systems and drains to protect what is yours and make it easier to use the way you want.

Sparrow Farms – Aquaponics & Solar Energy Systems for Off-Grid Living

If the world changes suddenly, natural disasters, geopolitical conflict, economic collapse, or another global pandemic, who is going to take care of your family and your household?

"Sparrow Farms aims to help families and communities build sustainable food and energy systems, one sparrow-sized step at a time."

Sparrow Farms offers services for the design and construction of aquaponics systems, solar energy collection, land Irrigation, land beautification, and kitchen remolding for local homes in Texas.,
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